The Tony Brown Foundation is a tribute to a life well lived and believe that even after loss you can lead a full, productive and passionate life.   The mission of The Tony Brown Foundation is to inspire and support individuals to lead a fulfilled life after suffering a loss or  death of a loved one.

We have a vision that everyone can live a fulfilled life with purpose after suffering a loss through finding or creating their passion in this world.

We will be accomplished by providing opportunities to explore possibilities to grow, learn and discover new or old passions while  moving lives forward in a positive direction.  We will provide additional support  for the grieving process through a support group called Moving Through Grief.  We are dedicated to helping bereaved families move forward on their grief journey with support, hope and love.

Since it’s inception in November 2010, The Tony Brown Foundation has dedicated itself to helping and education others along their grief journey.  It is our belief that strength comes from sharing.

We have held many events that continue to heal and support others along this path.  Our very first event was our annual candle lighting in conjunction with The Compassionate friends worldwide candle lighting with attendance growing each year topping over 100 in attendance last year.  We have donated to the Salvation Army with gifts for children in 2010 and The Valley Food Bank received a huge carriage full of groceries from last years candle lighting.

We have hosted a very healing,  FREE Angels Across the USA Concert with Alan Pedersen.  Have held fundraisers to contribute to a scholarship for Tony’s Alma Mater-Masuk High School and most recently we hosted a very successful Memorial Blood Drive celebrating Tony’s birthday and the life he led.  The foundation is also very proud to be granting a scholarship to a fellow Compassionate friends member and leader, Mary Trocchio White to attend the Compassionate Friends National Conference this year in Costa Mesa California.

Our latest endeavor is a group called Moving through grief which will provide activities to help strengthen our spirits and encourage growth and hope while moving forward on our journey.  Right now we are working on a banner which will be carried at the walk during the Compassionate Friends Conference.

Even if things get a bit too heavy, We’ll all float on OK! ~ Modest Mouse

Who IS Tony Brown?

Tony died at the young age of 24 on July 11, 2009 from complications during a hospital procedure.  Being the youngest child of three brothers, he had a lot of “keeping up” to do.  Tony, however, proved at a very young age that his brothers would have to keep up with him.  Tony loved all sports, but especially extreme.  He started skateboarding at a very young age and even built a half pipe for the back yard.  Injuries were no stranger to Tony.  Broken bones were always in his life.  Football, lacrosse, skateboarding, snowboarding, wake boarding, dirt bikes, and bmx kept him busy and out of trouble.  As he grew older, a video camera became part of his hobbies.  He loved to capture his friends practicing tricks. He discovered his dream; to work in the film industry with extreme sports.  Unfortunately, fate would have it that Tony would die just a month short of graduating from Full Sail School in Florida. His future was full of hopes and dreams with a goal to film the sports he loved, have a family and live a full life!

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