A new adventure!

Last week I attended a Greif Service Provider class in Omaha Nebraska with Darcie Sims.  It was an amazing class filled with so much valuable information concerning the grief journey.  It was presented in a way which lent itself to not only be learned, but to be understood and breathed in so that it was absorbed by the heart.  Grief and how to navigate the journey is not a one size fits all remedy   It is something unique to each person experiencing it.  What Darcie taught was how to best help those on the journey learn the tools which will help them discover the best way for them to walk the path ahead of them.  At times, it seemed to be overwhelming.  Darcie is a master at combining the knowledge with compassion, the tears with laughter.  She had a tough time keeping a group of twenty on task but some of the best learning was done when we ventured off into a deep discussion.  I still have a final project to do but have completed the academic part of my class.  It was valuable beyond my imagination and I gained some very beautiful hearts to call friends.  It has been a bit over a week since I left the sanctuary of our very long days but it already feels like it was months ago.  I miss my friends, the sharing, the learning, the laughter, the tears; but mostly I miss the love that filled the room every time we gathered.  Oh, and the chocolate covered potato chips~which has been declared the perfect grief food!

I am now a final project away from being a Grief Services Provider.  Not the path I had imagined years ago, but the path which I now find myself walking.  I hope to provide hope, tools, support and love for others who have found themselves in need.

To view a slideshow from this wonderful experience please click on the link below.



  1. Cathy Seehuetter says:

    This is wonderful, Anne! Thank you for sharing it and thanks for being my friend! Do you think we can get everyone together to do it again? I’d go back in a heartbeat! Much love and big hugs, Cathy

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