Anthony’s Room~A Film About Sibling Loss

safe_image-2In August of 2007,

Tony packed up his car and headed off to Orlando, Florida, where he would pursue an education in film at Full Sail University.   This decision was not made lightly.  Tony had attended Hartford University right out of High School in 2003.  As many parents know all too well, the best laid college plans do not always happen.  Tony took to college life very well.  He had FUN!  After his first semester it was decided that Tony would need to take some time to figure out what his passion was.  He worked hard and played hard for the next few years then approached us with a plan to attend what he called his dream!  He applied to the school, was accepted and applied for the appropriate loans to make this a reality.  It was the first time one of my children would be living that far from home.  The good thing was I had never seen him so excited and determined.  It was a four year school that would be completed in two years.  This required year round studies with a week off every 5-6 weeks making frequent trips home a possibility.

Tony excelled in school.  He was happy and spirited!  He found his passion and made plans for his future.  Tony died just a few weeks before graduating.  I am truly blessed that the friends Tony made in school reached out to me, kept in touch with me and shared stories of my son.  A true gift to learn the “grown-up” side of your child from others perspectives.

Some of Tonys colleagues reached out shortly after Tony’s death wanting to do a short film about sibling loss.  They asked for my input and feedback through out the process. There were many times I could not go down that road.  It was too hard to feel such a different side to my grief.  His friends seemed to have an understanding of this process and never pushed me, just waited patiently.  This was a true labor of love for them.

You can read what Ben Zidel of Good Natured Dog Productions wrote about the story behind Anthony’s Room here:

Recently, we chatted with Ben Zidel, one of the collaborators for “Anthony’s Room,” to learn more about the inspiration of the film and what he hopes the film will bring to its audience. Here is what he had to say….

Anthonys-Room-Poster_v4-201x300Ray and I attend film school with Tony Brown,…READ MORE HERE!

I encourage you to watch this dramatic short film about sibling loss,

Anthony’s Room Short Film and leave feedback on the site so these brave young men and women of Good Natured Dog Productions will know the impact this film has on the bereaved,  Please show their face book page some love, and also like the face book page for Anthony’s Room.

They have shot a few independent films and won some awards.  You may see those on their you tube channel.  I also would like to give a shout out to my son, David Brown who designed the graphic for the film Anthony’s Room using Tony’s actual room!

Thank you to all those who worked on this film.  

Thank you for taking on such a challenging subject.  

Thank you for honoring Tony with your work!


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