Grief and the Holidays

Most people walk gently among the grieving during the “holidays”-Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays and aniversaries.  However, our grief does not distinguish between holidays.  Memorial day may be harder than Christmas depending on your traditions and memories surrounding them.  For those grieving the loss of their child EVERY holiday is a reminder.  Time does not matter, grief knows no time.  This article found in the Huffington Post has some wonderful advice on ways to help  cope with your grief this Easter and Passover.  It is always hard to set one less plate at the dinner table, take the family photo with one less person in it.  This year my family will be setting two less places at the table.  My dad went and joined Tony in November.  While he lived a full life and was suffering from cancer, he will always be missed especially during the “holidays”.   I wish you all memories to comfort you, love to surround you and peace to fill your day.

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