Grief Relief TV with Open To Hope

This summer has been filled with purpose, opportunities and blessings.  I have many to thank for this.  I remain grateful that through my son’s death I have had the privilege of meeting such beautiful, loving, genuine, pure people.  All of, if given the chance, I would understandably turn back the clocks and never know any of them and have my son back.   Life does not work that way.  So I embrace the gifts of grief that have been bestowed upon me.

After attending The Compassionate Friends Conference in Boston, I was given the opportunity to attend The Bereaved Parents USA Gathering.  What a treasure that experience was.  I was invited to give a brief speech on Hope and Inspiration and was invited to be on Grief Relief TV with Dr’s Gloria and Heidi Horsley.


Love In Motion workshop sponsored in Tony’s Memory!

Screen shot 2013-08-31 at 9.21.04 PM

I was in the company of the greatest minds in the grief community and will forever be grateful for these gifts!


Here is the clip of my debut on TV along with Alan Pedersen of Angels Across the USA and Kris Munsch from The Birdhouse Project.  

Alan is first, with me coming in around 11:20 and followed by Kris!  I was surrounded by love!

I am proud to be hosting a Symposium of Life after Loss, A Journey to Hope in which Alan will be presenting, speaking and performing along with many other distinguished professionals.  You can learn more about the symposium by clicking HERE.


Tony’s butterfly on the Angel Van outside the conference center


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