Hope Healing and Friendship….A Beautiful Day!

Anxiety was at it’s max the weeks leading up to our Grief Awareness Open House.  My heart knew this was a much needed event.  My heart knew we would reach those who were searching.  My heart knew this day would turn into exactly what it should be.  My mind, that was a different story.  I worried over how to reach those I thought were in the greatest need.  I concerned myself that we would be perceived as just another group looking to reach out to Newtown and we would get lost in the frenzy.  I battled over how to make the flow of the day work best.  In a nutshell, I did what I do best-WORRY!

Mom showing support!

Mom showing support!

A few days before, I again did something I have learned to do-I let go.  My heart knew this going to be a beautiful event.  One of healing, sharing and connecting.  After all, it was out of my hands and into the universe and it would unfold just as it was meant to be.  So it did!

The generosity of those involved through so many aspects of this event humbled me.  The foundation now has a huge resource of grief related materials that we will continue to share within the community.  Books, music, games, and more were donated from across the country to our foundation to share within the community. I was honored to be able to guide many to the wonderful variety of materials available from  renowned authors to gently used books from Compassionate Friends Chapters whose libraries are no longer in use.

We had so many professionals come from all across the United States and share their knowledge and resources throughout the day.  To watch the interactions between professionals sharing their experiences and expertise with each other was truly an inspiration.  We had acupuncturists teaching about the benefits for stress, Reiki being experienced for the first time by many in attendance, spiritual healing and cleansing offered to those interested, ministers, counselors and therapists on hand to speak to anyone in need and all who reached out.

There was a musical performance by Alan Pedersen, a screening of the dvd “Walking with the Bereaved” with Glen and Tanya Lord of The Grief ToolBox, a presentation of Whispers of Love-Signs from our loved ones by Mitch Carmody, a session on proactive grieving with both Mitch and Alan and Heidi Horsley spoke about sudden death and sibling loss.  Andrea Rudolph a social worker, Chaplain, Interfaith Minister, Lifelong spiritual seeker, and founder of In The Spirit of Life and right hand co-ordinator of the event was also on hand to speak with and offer comfort to those in attendance.


We are grateful for having had members from Monroe and the surrounding area from organizations like The ARC Sacred Center, The Compassionate Friends, Bereaved Parents of The USA, and All-Ways Enrich Your Spirit among other come and share their spirituality and wisdom while helping to educate about the grieving process and ways to help and heal.

The bereaved came from as far as Massachusetts to find some hope and healing which we were so grateful to be able to provide.  A woman walked in with a look known all to well to those of us who have experienced the death of a child and said, “I didn’t know where to go or what to do and I found this.  Can you help me-I am worried about my twin son after the death of his brother 6 months ago”.  How wonderful it was to be able to introduce her to Dr. Heidi Horsley who lost her brother many years ago.  How beautiful to be able to walk her around the room and help her find exactly what she needed.  Another mother came hoping to find resources to help her stop feeling so angry after the death of her daughter.  We introduced her

The day was the perfect day for all in attendance.  We shared stories, tears, laughter, compassion, love and support.  Everyone left with a bit more than they came with.  I do believe it was the perfect first step in what will be many opportunities for the foundation to provide support, resources and healing for the community.

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An article from the Monroe Courier-March 7, 2013

CORRECTION: The photo is of Andrea Rudolph and Richard Link!

Monroe  Courier article

We would like to thank in no particular order:

Alan and Denise Pedersen

Glen and Tanya Lord

Mitch Carmody

Heidi Horsley

Andrea Rudolph

The Compassionate Friends USA

Mary Lemley

Claudia Margitay-Balogh

Jane Russo

The Comfort Zone Camp

Geralene Valentine

Maria C. Castillo

Gwen Rice

Rev Kurt Huber

 St. Peter’s Church

TCF of Southern Humboldt

Bob Baugher

Jodi  Norman

Ximena Diaz-Varas

Sally Grablick

Susan Rhodes

The Centering Corp

Angie Gillam

JoAnn Bruhn

John Henkels

Jackie Wesley

Fred and Cynthia Lynn

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  1. Cathy Seehuetter says:

    Great video, Anne. What a marvelous thing you do with the Tony Brown Foundation – bless your heart, my friend!

  2. We love you Anne and we are honored and blessed to be a continued part of the Hope, Healing and Friendship Open House and events The Tony Brown Foundation will host in the future.

  3. Thank you Anne, wonderful tribute to a memorable day, great music choice on the video!! I am also so blessed to be a part of the Hope, Healing and Friendship open house events in the future for your community. I am so proud the serve the Tony Brown Foundation and its mission. Together we survive, we are a tribe and as bereaved a global village of survivors; true synergy of the human heart at its best. It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village to bury a child, and EVERYONE is someones’ child. Love ya Ann and Jeff !!

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