How to Rediscover Yourself After the Death of a Child

This past weekend I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the 37th Compassionate Friends Conference which was held in Chicago.  This was my first experience presenting at the conference.  Fate thought that it would be best to present on Tony’s 5 year anniversary.  I must admit, I woke up wondering how I would get through it, but then took a deep breath and realized that I have already survived the worst thing, and if all who were in attendance had the courage to be there then I should call on my angel to provide me with the strength to do my best!

There were 78 bereaved parents in attendance.  It was such a beautiful experience to share both pain and hope with them.  I apologize for not having enough handouts, and as promised, here is the link to it!

Thank you for providing me with the comfort of your presence and the beauty of your spirit!




  1. Pam Malisa says:

    Anne, I had the great pleasure of attending your workshop Friday morning. You were fantastic. I enjoyed listening to you and your thoughts and idea’s. I just downloaded the handout as I shared with another women. She wanted to keep the handout so we split the cards in back. I’m sure it could not have been the easiest thing to do on Tony’s 5th anniversary but I hope you consider it an incredible honor. You did your son, his life and his memory proud! If you see this comment I would be interested to know what experience you had prior to attending on the Grief Academy. I’ve been looking into this as a possible career change. Other than some past retail jobs I was a customer service representative / inside sales supervisor for 18 years until I lost my job on the 2nd anniversary of my grandson’s passing. If you have any information or advice I would love to hear from you. Always, Pam.

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