Life After Loss Newspaper Article

On September 6th, the day before Brownstock, Karen Dydzuhn from The Monroe Courier came by and interviewed me for an article about our Life After Loss Symposium being held in Danbury Ct on October 25th and 2th!  She has always done a great job supporting our foundation and what we do!  Here it is!  I hope you enjoy it!  Thank You Karen!

From the Valley Gazette, Monroe Courier and Trumbull Times; written by Karen Dydzuhn:

Anne Castaldo knows about grieving. Four years ago, she unexpectedly lost her youngest son, Tony Brown, at the age of 24.

As part of her healing, Castaldo created The Tony Brown Foundation to help people, such as herself, discover ways to lead a purposeful life after suffering a loss.

In the past couple of years, The Tony Brown Foundation has sponsored grief workshops and support groups. On Friday and Saturday, Oct. 25 and 26, the organization will present its largest event to date, the Life After Loss symposium at the Crowne Plaza in Danbury. Bereavement specialists are scheduled to share their expertise in lectures, discussion groups, music, yoga, meditation and wellness programs held throughout the two days.

Experts scheduled to attend include Darcie and Tony Sims of the American Grief Academy and Grief Inc.; Alan Pedersen, Angels Across The USA; Dr. Doug and BJ Jensen, Love in Motion; Glen and Dr. Tanya Lord, The Grief Tool Box; Mitch Carmody, Heartlight Studios; Cathy Seeheuter; Dave Roberts; John Henkels and Andrea Rudolph, In the Spirit of Life.

“One of the most difficult challenges to working through grief ……….read more


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