Sandy Hook One Year Later!

It has been a year since  the unthinkable came to my backyard.  It has been a year that 27 families lives were changed in an instance.  It has been what feels like an eternity and at the same time just yesterday.  It has been a year.  I would not be honest if I did not mention that I had some struggling with all the attention the families of the Sandy Hook Victims are receiving once again.  Having lost my youngest son 4 years ago, my first instinct was what about all the other children whose lives have been taken and whose families miss them every day?  What about all the lives that have been forever changed in the blink of an eye due to the sudden death of their child?

SANDY-HOOK-ELEMENTARY-VICTIMS-730x365Being a bereaved parent and grief counselor I have sat long and hard with this question. Please know that I have sat long with this issue and being a and today while shaking the hand of a gentleman wearing a ribbon to honor Sandy Hook it hit me!  He was from Massachusetts and his heart hurt just thinking of the possibility.  The nation mourned with Sandy Hook. Bereaved Moms and Dads all over the world had their hearts break once again reliving the pain, remembering all too well the devastation and anguish that these families had to face. Sandy Hook brought grief to the world!  Sandy Hook brought grief to the forefront.  Sandy Hook hit home!   The circumstances surrounding the loss of these beautiful lives are something so unimaginable and  horrific.  My heart truly breaks for these families.  They not only have to deal with their own pain, but do so in the public eye.  I understand the heartbreak all too well, what the first year has brought to them and what lies ahead.  This is not a journey to be judged.  This is a journey that needs to be showered with love, compassion, understanding, empathy, kindness, patience and more love.

So I embrace the fact that I can honor the families wishes. I have seen the wonderful foundations started, the acts of kindness performed, the love shared – all  in memory of their loved ones. I will honor their loved ones as I honor my son Tony and all the other children I have gotten to know through their parents.  I have always performed random acts of kindness and go the extra mile on Tony’s birthday and anniversary.  I know how much it means to me when someone does something kind, helpful, or loving in Tony’s honor.  That is how we want them to be remembered.  With love!   Tomorrow, I will smile, laugh, live and be kind for the lives that we are honoring. If we believe that their is life after, or that they can see us, then as the movie Angels Sing said – “We must make it worth their while!”

My dear friend and colleague  Mitch Carmody had a great idea.  He would like to see a worldwide moment of silence at 9:35am!  To pause and send love to the families and friends involved in the horrific events which took place one year ago.  Here is Mitch’s plea. Please take a moment to read it!

Grief Counselor Asks For A Moment of Prayer

Thank You for taking a moment to remember the families of Sandy Hook.  

They NEED our love and support! 

“When someone you love never get over it.  

You just slowly learn to go on without them,

always keeping them safely tucked away in your heart.”

~ unknown



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