Thoughts for the New Year

As 2013 comes to a close I have sat and pondered what this means.  Happy New Year!  A holiday I used to cherish.  Such hope for new beginnings, new starts, resolutions to be made!  The more I thought about how much I no longer look forward to this holiday, the more I came to terms with why!  Since the death of my son I have embraced a way of life I had always thought I lived but realized I had only brushed the surface of living out loud! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The reality is that the first day of 2014 will realistically be only as different as we make it be.   There is no need for resolutions.  Every day is a new beginning, a clean slate to do exactly what we wish with.  We do not have to resolve to eat better, exercise more, watch less TV, be kinder, more forgiving or anything else.  What we do need to do is live every moment to the best of our ability.  If we do this, then I believe we will be living a life worthwhile.  Some days our best may be sitting on the couch and indulging in a bowl of ice cream.  Other days our best may be volunteering at a senior center or hospital.  Some days it may be smiling at a stranger and cleaning our house.  Whatever it is, if you have done your best, done no harm and learned something to bring with you to tomorrow then your day was well spent.




Make 2014 a year of gratitude, a year of living one day at a time doing the best you can-whatever that may be!

Wishing you all a year full of memories that bring smiles with your tears,

patience with yourself through the difficult times,

love that spills over on family and friends,

gentleness with those who do not understand your journey,

compassion to share with others on the same path,

gifts that touch your heart when needed the most

and most importantly

peace and blessings to fill each and every day!

~Anne Castaldo



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