Brownstock Song Suggestions

That’s right, this year we are taking requests!! Well sort of 🙂

We are looking for people to join us on stage and/or just give us ideas of what songs they want to hear, so if you have a musical talent (or at least think you might) we want you to join us!

So use the contact form below to tell us what you want to hear or sing/play and we will add it to our list of potentials, but don’t forget to tell us if you will be singing or playing an instrument, we aren’t mind readers….most of the time anyway.

***Now remember we ultimately have say over what we can or just won’t play i.e. there will be no Rebecca Black, your suggestion will be discarded and you may just be banned from the event for that one, lol.

And as an added bonus for a little nostalgia, click here

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