How to Rediscover Yourself After the Death of a Child


This past weekend I had the honor of presenting a workshop at the 37th Compassionate Friends Conference which was held in Chicago.  This was my first experience presenting at the conference.  Fate thought that it would be best to present on Tony’s 5 year anniversary.  I must admit, I woke up wondering how I would [...]

Heading to Hope and Healing!


Tonight I am getting ready.  Getting ready to head out to my 4th Compassionate Friends Conference.  Each year that I have attended, the experience has been more than I could hope for!  Each year has been a unique experience.  It has wrapped me in every emotion that the phase of my journey encompassed. My first [...]



Imagine if you will………… a perfect day spent with your family doing all the things you love.  Laughing, sharing meals, playing games, spending time together, and all the ‘“normal” things done as a family that are taken for granted. Now, imagine waking up to your child (or loved one) having a seizure, being rushed to [...]

Tips for handling Mother’s Day


  Tips For Coping With Mothers Day Grieving the death of a child is a painful process, especially as we approach Mother’s Day and Father’s Day each year.  Here are some tips to assist with the healing and integrating the loss into their life. Many experience grief as riding a roller-coaster. The initial impact of [...]

April 2014 Newsletter!

Newsletter TBF

TCF Conference Winner Announced

Tony Brown Essay jenny

Congratulations to Jenny Robbins, Kade’s mom from Jefferson County, CO! Kade’s mom, Jenny wrote a beautiful essay which earned her a scholarship to this years Compassionate Friends National Conference.  She talked about her “new friends” and how  your address book changes.   She shared that a year and a half later she was planning a [...]

A Day of Reflection and Celebration! Happy 29th Birthday Tony!


Twenty nine years ago this morning, I drove my two boys to my mom and asked if she would watch them while I go had my third child!    My baby had been very active for the last three weeks but I just could not take it anymore -it was time.  The every other day [...]

Thoughts for the New Year


As 2013 comes to a close I have sat and pondered what this means.  Happy New Year!  A holiday I used to cherish.  Such hope for new beginnings, new starts, resolutions to be made!  The more I thought about how much I no longer look forward to this holiday, the more I came to terms [...]

Sandy Hook One Year Later!


It has been a year since  the unthinkable came to my backyard.  It has been a year that 27 families lives were changed in an instance.  It has been what feels like an eternity and at the same time just yesterday.  It has been a year.  I would not be honest if I did not [...]


Thanksgiving with my boys 2005. Dan, Me, Dave and Tony!

Today wraps up a month of postings on Facebook for things I am grateful for.  A difficult task as holidays approach and the absence of loved ones seem to laying even heavier on our hearts.  There were the normal gifts; family, friends, health, and then a few vague ones with even one of admitting that [...]