Memorial Blood Drive

On March 11, 2017, just two days after Tony’s 32nd birthday, we are hosting our fifth memorial blood drive through the Red Cross. The drive will be held at Good Shepard Lutheran Church at 466 Elm Street, Monroe, CT, between the hours of 7:45Am and 1PM. You may visit The Red Cross Site and make your appointment or via email to

Winner of The Darcie Sims TCF Memorial Scholarship Announced!

We are pleased to announce this years winner of the 2015 Darcie Sims TCF Memorial Scholarship. Traci Mulligan tells her touching story below. She is a member in good standing of the Savannah Compassionate Friends Chapter. On November 21, 2013; her life was changed forever. Her three sons, Garrett, Wesley and Eli, were killed in […]

Easter, Passover and the “other” holidays!

Happy Easter!  Happy Passover!  I am sure many of heard this joyful phrase in abundance the last few days!  Etiquette believes that these sentiments be exchanged during the holidays.  Happy Memorial Day, Happy Fourth of July, Happy Labor Day and on and on the onslaught to our senses goes. For those who are missing a loved one […]

3rd Annual Memorial Blood Brive

Memorial BLood Drive On March 8, 2014, just 1 day before Tony’s 29th birthday we are hosting our second annual memorial blood drive through the Red Cross.  The drive will be held at Good Shepard Lutheran Church at 466 Elm Street, Monroe, CT between the hours of 8Am and 1PM.  Appointments are strongly recommended and we are […]


Today wraps up a month of postings on Facebook for things I am grateful for.  A difficult task as holidays approach and the absence of loved ones seem to laying even heavier on our hearts.  There were the normal gifts; family, friends, health, and then a few vague ones with even one of admitting that […]


THANK YOU! Thank you to all the presenters, speakers and performers who so graciously gave of their time and resources to share their wealth of knowledge with everyone. Thank you to all my volunteers who gave of their services and time. Thank you to my family and friends for the support, encouragement and love. Thank […]

2013 Symposium Centerpiece Sponsorship

October 25, 2013 – October 25, 2013 Map and Directions | Register Description: Each table will have a beautiful centerpiece displayed throughout the event.  You have the opportunity to sponsor one and either take it home with you or give to someone at the table to bring home!  You do not have to be present […]


What a wonderful, beautiful, hopeful and healing day it was!  With a crowd close to 50 bereaved participants, the energy and love that filled the room was palpable.  All were there to see A Day with Mitch and Alan and gain knowledge and tools that would help them through the most difficult journey they are on; […]

March is Red Cross Month! and Tony’s Birthday!

On March 3rd, we hosted our first Memorial Blood Drive!  It was a huge success thanks to all who came out and gave the gift of life!  Over 90 people showed up.  Many were repeat donors.  I actually witnessed a gentleman receive a pin for donating 50 gallons! Some were unable to donate due to their history but vowed […]

A Day with Mitch and Alan

A DAY WITH MITCH CARMODY AND ALAN PEDERSEN Mitch Carmody and Alan Pedersen are pleased to announce they will be presenting a limited number of one-day workshops in 2012 in many U.S. cities.  The two have been collaborating for more than 5 years on a program aimed at sharing hope and healing with the bereavement community.  […]