Angels Across The USA FREE Concert

We are pleased to announce that the Angels will once again be bringing their 

message of hope to Monroe, CT.  

On September 13 Alan Pedersen will bring his gentle mix of humor and heart felt talk with some very inspirational songs about, love and loss to The Edith Wheeler Library.  The purpose is to bring awareness, hope and healing through both song and spoken word to the community of bereaved families.  Alan’s message is simple, “We were put on this earth to love them for as long as WE live, not for as long as THEY lived.”   Alan believes that healing coms, but slowly and through hope and sharing our journey we can help each other on this path.

Alan’s only daughter Ashley was killed in an automobile accident in August of 2001.  This tragedy has taken Alan and his pain on a journey toward finding joy again.  He believes that pain and joy can co-exist together.

Alan is a nationally recognized inspirational speaker on grief and loss, an award winning songwriter and successful recording artist. In July of 2010, he was named the Professional of the Year by the Board of Directors of The Compassionate Friends, the largest organization in the world helping bereaved families.  In 2011 Alan received the Humanitarian of the Year award from the Bobby Resciniti Healing Hearts Foundation. 

Stories about Alan’s music, message and travels have been featured on television and radio stations around the country, and have been the subject of countless newspaper articles.

His music and message have earned the highest respect from many of his peers who have shared the platform with him.

Darcie Sims, Ph.D., CHT, CT, GMS… says: ”An evening with Alan Pedersen is an experience like none other.  He will make you laugh, he may make you cry, he will surely give you some things to think about, but most of all you will be gently guided to that most sacred and healing place of sweet remembrance.”

Dr. Gloria Horsley Ph.D., President of Open to Hope Foundation, and Host of Healing the Grieving Heart Radio Program says: “Alan’s music and message are a light in the darkness to those going through grief and loss.  His message is one of hope, his humor puts you at ease, his music is powerful and helps us remember those we have loved who have died

I n 2009  Alan, along with his wife Denise, founded Grief and Beyond, a worldwide multi-media ministry.  Together they offer comfort, education and inspiration through the production of music CD’s, educational DVD’s, print and online articles, as well as live concert events, speaking engagements and workshops.

Denise Pedersen became a bereaved mom in 2004 when her 21 year old son Sean Patrick Sullivan died in a single car accident near their Sacramento, California home.

In 2008 Denise became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute based in Sherman Oaks, CA ( It’s not only her certification that qualifies Denise to help others, it’s the fact that Denise had the courage to walk up to her grief, acknowledge it, learn from it and then share her knowledge with others.

Denise has reached out to hundreds of bereaved families in the greater Sacramento area through her work as a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, grief facilitator, workshop presenter, speaker and community leader.

Together Alan and Denise travel the country spreading hope and love in memory of the life and love of their children.

THIS CONCERT IS FOR ALL TYPES OF LOSS AND GRIEF, not just the loss of a child!  Join us, you will be glad you did!

We will also be holding send a wish to your angel after the concert !

Wishing lanterns will be available for purchase or you may buy one here and have us send it up for you!

Here are some photos from last years Angels Concert!

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