Outreach Program for the Community of Newtown, CT

Since the tragic events that took place Friday in Sandy Hook, we have all been struggling with a sense and urgency of needing to help. I know all too well the heartache the families are feeling.  Their lives are forever changed and for that, my heart breaks al over again.  There are no words, only love.  It is with a heavy heart that I am able to reach out and help community.  We are a close community.  I live within 10 minutes of the school.  I know many who live in Newtown and many more who knew someone directly affected by the horrific actions of a very unstable man.61856_4698420975067_1049243984_n

The Tony Brown foundation is working with a group of  to bring together and facilitate  programs and assistance for the immediate and also the long term needs of this community. We will join Alan Pedersen, Darcie Sims, Mitch Carmody and many others on this mission of compassion aimed at clergy, care givers, teachers, families and the community at large. Collectively we will donate not only our time but also hundreds of books, CD’s and other grief resources in the care packages we will be distributing.

The Tony Brown Foundation will be sponsoring the accomplished Alan, Denise, Mitch, Darcie and Tony, who will be sharing their wealth of knowledge, love, compassion, resources, while bringing support, hope, and healing to the community. These wonderful, bereaved parents understand the path that is ahead of all of us. They are not only experienced, but are educated and work at educating not only the bereaved but also the caregivers of the bereaved. They will be able to gently guide the community along this journey and provide them with some of the most useful tools to help in navigating the rough waters ahead. These gatherings and sharing sessions will bring hope and set the ground work for the healing to begin and flourish.

Come early January Alan, Denise, Mitch, Darcie and Tony will connect with the community and share care packages containing items donated by Angels Across The USA, Heartlight Studios, The Grief Tool Box, Darcie Sims, Open To Hope with Drs Heidi and Gloria Horsley, and many others. They will be setting the ground work for the healing of the community. This will not be a one time trip. They, along with others who have walked this journey, will make repeat visits and continue to support the community throughout the year. The next visit from Alan will be in March. then again in the fall. This is a commitment of wonderful people to help heal a very broken community.

We all know this can not and will not happen over night. It will take on going love and support to start the healing. It will take all of us to reach out and understand, contribute and share. All involved are on this mission of love, hope and healing from heart and will not expect payment for anything.

One of the best ways to help us make this mission of love reach as many as needed in the community is to help us cover the out of pocket expenses to those involved for this journey.

For more information on those involved visit the following websites:

Denis and Alan Pedersen-Angels Across The USA

Mitch Carmody -Heartlight Studios

Darcie and Tony Sims – Grief Inc


Anne Castaldo 


  1. Cathy Seehuetter says:

    Bless you, Anne, and the wonderful foundation named for your beautiful son, Tony.

  2. I am also a bereaved parent. I have a little book “Sundance the Story of Craig”, the story and song about my son, Craig, who died in 1995 at age 10. I’d love to donate books/CDs if you think they could be of use.

    Thank you for this wonderful mission. I’m so happy to read about this!

    JoAnn Bruhn

  3. This event has been postponed until sometime in February to make it a program that will reach many and help the best way possible. Work is being done and it is being co-ordinated with the Town. I will post updates as I know them.

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