Sport Your Beard Contest!

We are declaring July 11th “Sport your Beard Day” in honor of Tony!


Tony loved his beard which he started to grow while attending Full Sail University! He had a plan not to shave until he graduated in August of 2009.  For some reason, Tony decided to shave in May 2009.  He was still know as “the beard”  It was amazing just how soft his beard was and how fast his beard grew.  The envy of many men.

July 11marks two years that Tony has not been physically with us.  His memory surrounds us with love and brings smiles to the faces of those that knew him.  We all have a very special angel to watch over us.



In memory of such a great man, post a photo of you wearing your beard; T-shirt or real, on The Tony Brown Foundation page. Be creative! If you don’t own the downtown T-shirt, you may purchase one at The shirt is an artistic sketch of Tony sporting his beard drawn by his very good friend Ryan!  HEAL Clothing donates the proceeds to the foundation.


The winner will be chosen by your votes and will win a HEAL Clothing T-Shirt! Heal clothing donates to charities that help extreme athletes!

A purchase of The Beard T-shirt donates to The Tony Brown Foundation.

Lets make Tony proud with our photos of “the beard”.




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