Memories at the Table

It was Thanksgiving time.  My second one without Tony sitting around the table, joking, laughing engaging in conversation.  Oddly, this year seemed much harder than the first year.  I heard that shock and denial help get you through the first year.  Panic began to set in the closer we got to the holiday.  I wanted to set a place for him, but knew staring at an empty chair just might make things a bit harder.  Then I had what was I considered a suitable solution for me and my family.  I made a placemat centerpiece out of a few of Tony’s shirts.  I picked the ones that actually matched my room, started cutting and sewing and had a beautiful round placemat that sits on my table everyday.  Tony is now at the table no matter what is going on.  I have even brought it to my mom’s for Christmas Dinner.  Every time I look at it, I smile, remembering just how handsome he looked in those shirts.  It serves as a gentle reminder to all that no matter what we are doing, Tony will always be a part of it!

I have decided that I will make these available for purchase through the foundation.  You may pick square, rectangle or round.  They will be as beautiful as the clothes you provide.  I can add lace trim to the edges if you included it.  Email or call for a consultation.  The price ranges from $25 to $35 depending on the amount of detail and sewing involved.

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