Recipient For The Darcie Sims Memorial Scholarship Announced

We received so many heart touching essays this year.  What an honor to share the stories of your loved ones.  The decision was difficult and we are hoping that in the future we can offer more than one.  This year’s recipient is Janelle Ovunda from Arkansas.  If you would like to read Janelles story about her beautiful son Colton you make click on this lick. Through the Eyes of Colton.


Darcie’s daughter Allie, had this message to share with us:

Darcie Sims was a bereaved mother who struggled in the valleys of grief while raising a young daughter and moving around the country as a military wife.  She found TCF several years after the death of her son and there she found the support of other parents who walked their own grief journeys.  Darcie had the gift of telling things like they were in a way that evoked tears and laughter at the same time. She came to TCF to learn how to survive this devastating loss, but in her sharing her own experiences and her own ways of coping, she helped transform TCF.   It was Darcie Sims who challenged us to define ourselves not by the loved ones “lost” but by the love of our brothers and sisters, daughters and sons’ lives.  With her support, and the guidance of her teachings, TCF became something more than a place to share our sorrow. It became a place to celebrate the lives of our loved ones.  A place to heal and to find the legacy of our loved ones’ lives in the life we have to forge ahead and create. She showed us how to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, armed with toilet paper for the tears and to carry with us the legacy of our loved ones’ lives.  With her voice to guide us, we learned how to become more than a community of grievers.  We learned how to become a family circle, broken by death, mended by love.  My Mom was a mentor to many and found hope and healing in helping others.  She would be very pleased that you are coming to the conference to find hope and healing for yourself and that the message of love and legacy will carry on.  She lived and died by the message, “May Love Be What You Remember the Most.”   – Hugs, Darcie’s Daughter and Austin’s Big Sister- Allie Sims Franklin

Thank You all for your support and interest in our scholarship.  We hope that you find peace and support on your grief journey and remember that You Need Not Walk Alone, The Compassionate Friends and The Tony Brown Foundation are with you.



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