A Day with Mitch and Alan


Mitch Carmody and Alan Pedersen are pleased to announce they will be presenting a limited number of one-day workshops in 2012 in many U.S. cities.  The two have been collaborating for more than 5 years on a program aimed at sharing hope and healing with the bereavement community.  What has transpired is “A Day with Mitch and Alan” which will combine their music, art, writing, and grief journey into a powerful and healing program.

Their Mission Statement details what they hope to accomplish in these original and unique workshops.

“As two bereaved fathers we know intimately the long and difficult journey of processing grief in our lives. Our work, our mission, individually and together is to reach out to the bereaved community at large and bring them hope that there is life after death on both sides of the equation.  We are “Facilitators of Proactive Grieving”not only because that describes best what we are doing and who we are, but more globally describes an emerging paradigm shift in how we process the devastating losses that may incur in our lives.  We want to teach, illustrate, and share what we have learned on the journey to help others on theirs.  Through music, art, and provocative dialogue we provide insight into avenues of processing grief in a proactive way. We teach how to discover creative ways to assuage the pain and activate new potentials that can allow us to live productively with our loss the rest of our lives. We teach how to embrace our grief and to actively seek joy again and when joy does come, accept it without guilt. By taking charge of our grief journey by proactively grieving we can process the loss and accept the daunting challenge to survive.  We substantiate our loved ones life by the way we live ours; we reclaim our lives and turn loss to legacy.”

Heartlight Studios was started by Mitch Carmody as a way to honor his son Kelly who died of cancer in 1987.  Heartlight Studios has become a beacon of hope for many of the bereaved in this country and around the world. It has allowed Mitch to reach out to others through his art, as well as his work as an author on grief and loss.  His book Letters to My Son published in 2002 (and newly updated second addition published in 2011) continues to be one of the most touching and talked about books in the bereavement community.  Mitch is a highly sought after seminar and keynote speaker for grief and loss organizations and is a regular contributor for Living with Loss magazine and has had articles published by many other national publications and his website is dedicated to helping the bereaved.
For more information about Mitch see www.HeartlightStudios.net

Alan Pedersen started EverAshley Music in July of 2003 and the Angels Across the USA Tour in 2010 to honor his daughter Ashley who was killed in an automobile accident.  Alan is a nationally known songwriter and recording artist who travels the country full time sharing his story and music with bereaved families.  Alan has become a favorite of many organizations helping the grieving because of the powerful message in his songs and his insight into grief and loss. Audiences everywhere are touched by his deep compassion, his gentle humor and affable manner. His provocative lyrics speak to the bereaved soul like nothing else can.  Alan has recorded four popular music CD’s of his original music. His CD’s have been sent worldwide and for many have become the life rope of their journey.  His song Tonight I Hold This Candle is used annually across the world in a wave of music that accompanies the wave of light produced by the World Wide Candle Lighting ceremony every December across the world.
For more information about Alan see www.GriefandBeyond.com

We are so happy and proud to be able to bring this workshop to your city. We have worked very hard to put together a comprehensive insightful program we believe is at the forefront of a bereavement paradigm shift that is happening in this country and across the world.
If you are bereaved we are sorry for your loss and the reason that you are here.  If you are not bereaved we applaud you caregivers who want to educate themselves on better ways to provide the best possible support for the bereaved.
We believe this workshop is very unique in its approach to addressing many grief issues that confront the bereaved on a daily basis. We hope you will find the workshops stimulating, comforting, and provocative and we hope enjoyable. We are confident you will leave with more tools then when you arrived.
Proactive grieving is taking charge of your grief journey, you make the rules. Proactive grieving is not getting over it, it is going through it. Proactive grieving honors your loved one. Proactive grieving is being honest about your grief. Proactive grieving has no stages, or time table of healing. Proactive grieving reduces stress. Proactive grieving facilitates healing. Proactive healing can bring joy back into your life. Proactive grieving defines your new normal.

A day with Mitch and Alan Workshop

9:30 – 10:00 AM Registration and get acquainted coffee and pastries

10:00 – 10:15 AM Introductions

10:15 – 11:15 AM Alan Pedersen: Angels Across the USA Presentation

11:15 – 11:30 AM Morning Break

11:30 – 12:30 PM Mitch Carmody: The Six “NEW” stages of grief

        The Twenty Faces of Grief

12:30 – 1:15 PM Lunch

1:15 – 2:00 PM Alan Pedersen: Growing through Grief

      Turning Loss into Legacy

2:00 – 2:15 PM Afternoon Break

2:15 – 3:30 PM Mitch Carmody: Whispers of Love

3:30 – 4:00 PM Questions and Answers/Sharing Session



Register by April 1st and pay only $20!

Mail check payable to The Tony Brown Foundation to

PO Box 822

Monroe CT 06468

Please include contact info!

Thank You


  1. Donna Kukura---Kaiya's MOMMY says:

    We plan to come to this event from New York !! Getting a small group together from Long Island to celebrate our angels<3.

  2. I was wanting to know if you have anything in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey or New York area coming soon. I am in Pennsylvania and would love for you guys to come here.

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