A New Happy

Happiness after the death of a child, for most is something of an anomaly.  Although appearances may be deceiving to friends and family, the heart of a bereaved parent must continually adjust to a new happy.  I struggle with this often.  Although devastated by my sons death and heartbroken beyond comprehension, I want to laugh, smile, play and enjoy what is in my life now.  I am lucky to be surrounded by people who understand me and do not judge.  Every morning I must make a conscious decision that I will accept what the day has to offer and be grateful for small joys. It is always done in honor and memory of my son.  He loved life and as mother and child had a wonderful time together.  I look back on the memories my family created and am thankful that I was able to share his twenty four years of love and craziness.  The article attached talks about ways to help us make the decision to be happy.  It is a very difficult path and the journey may be filled with rain at times, but here is hoping we all find a rainbow along the way.

Cultivating Happiness

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