The Tony Brown foundation is very excited to announce The Angels Across America Tour with gifted songwriter Alan Pedersen and his compassionate grief specialist wife Denise Howard Pedersen will be sharing their gifts with all who join us on October 11, 2011 at The Edith Wheeler Library in Monroe, CT.  

Alan and Denise hit the road with a series of concerts/events sharing the music and message of Alan Pedersen.  They do this through the deep love and compassion that fill their hearts.  Each are bereaved parents and understand first hand what the journey is like.  Alan uses a gentle mix of humor and straight from the heart talk wrapped around songs about love, loss and healing making this a unique and powerful event you will not want to miss or soon forget.

The purpose of their tour is to bring hope and encouragement to bereaved families, while bringing community awareness and media attention to grief organizations large and small who reach out to these families.    

The tour is being sponsored by hundreds of families who have lost a child and want to have their Angel travel across the USA.  

When you sponsor your Angel a beautiful butterfly decal will be created with your child’s name and hometown hand drawn on it.  These decals will adorn the Angel Trailer that will be prominently displayed at every event. In addition, your child’s picture will be featured on our Facebook page, the tour website and at each and every event.  For a $100 donation, you can sponsor your Angel.  Your donation will will help cover the travel expenses as Alan presents his healing message at over 100 events spread across the United States. Please go to our “Sponsorship” page to register your child and become a part of this very special journey as Alan and Denise carry your beautiful Angels Across the USA.  To read more about Alan and Denise visit their website

This event is partially being sponsored by The Tony Brown Foundation.  We understand the importance of the grieving community and the need to gather in memory of our children.  If you would like to donate to the foundation so we may continue to host events like this and our annual candle lighting please visit the donate link.

 Any amount will help grow the foundation into a source of continued support for grieving families.

We look forward to sharing this special evening with you.




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