Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an especially difficult day for those who have children that are now angels.  The constant reminder can sometimes be very painful.  I am trying very hard to remember, it is just another day.  Today does not define me as a mother.  All the years of raising my sons, all the joy, heartache and memories created through their lives are what today is about.  It is the memories that create Mother’s Day.  My goal for this second Mother’s Day without my son is to cherish the memories, talk about them, fill my heart with the love I have for my children and know that wherever they may be, they are sending us love.  I will try to bring thoughts that will fill my heart with a feeling of peace and love. I miss my Tony more than is imaginable, I understand that this is easier said than done, and each of us have different circumstances which surround our pain and grief.  I do believe though that no matter, our children want us to remember them with love and happiness.  This does not mean we can’t cry, we can and should, but we must also embrace their memory and rejoice that because of them, we will always be mother’s.  May today fill your heart with memories that bring you comfort, love, peace, laughter, and a few tears.  Sit down a write a letter to your child today, converse with them, visti a special place where you will feel close to them.  Include them in your celebration of the things that made you a mother.  Celebrate them today.

I found this poem which was a perfect thought for today that I want to share with you.  It is by Christina Rasmussen.

Mothers. Daughters. Sons.
On this earth. In heaven.
In our past. In our present.
We celebrate you by living fully.
We celebrate you by creating new rituals to remember you by.
We celebrate you by creating new beginnings.
And we remember your spirit by loving others just like we loved you, by loving life just like you did and by believing in our ability to go on without you by our side.

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