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It has been a very busy and productive month here at The Tony Brown Foundation.  We are very close to obtaining our 503c number and can not wait to be “Officially” Non-Profit!  There is a lot of paper work involved, crossing your T’s, dotting your I’s and projecting the future.  No matter, it is a very important process and we are closing in on it.

The foundation recently hosted The Angels Across The USA Tour in October and held Brownstock in September.  The two events could not have been more different than each other but both were extremely successful.

Brownstock was an outdoor BBQ/Pig Roast with a live band featuring Tony’s brothers on drums and guitar and friends on bass (using Tony’s Bass guitar) and vocals playing songs Tony would have enjoyed listening to.

Tony's Bass

There were raffle prizes, giveaways and impromptu sing-a-longs.  The evening was so much fun, met some very nice people and reconnected with others.  It was an odd feeling to have so many of the boys friends and family gathered in my yard and not to see Tony.  Every once in a awhile, I would look up and see his friends laughing and look around half expecting to see Tony off to the side.  It tugged at the heart strings a bit, but I also held on to the fact that I believed he was with us, his spirit floating amongst us.  Many say the “orb” in this photo is Tony,  It could be lens flare.  I say what ever makes you feel good.

The Band!

If you look closely you can see the image floating above the crowd as they enjoy the band.  The evening brought together friends and family to celebrate the life of Tony and to raise money in his honor for the Foundation which will go towards hosting other healing events and a scholarship for Mausk High School.

The Angels Across America Event was beautiful.  Alan Pedersen put on such a warm, heartfelt performance that left the audience laughing and crying.  Although Alan was speaking from the experience of the death of his daughter Ashley, his words on grief touched everyone in the room.   It was an evening full of love, compassion, understanding and support.  Exactly what a grieving heart needs.  At the end, we all gathered outside and let off wishing lanterns with a message written on them to our angels.  It was a beautiful sight.  For more photos of the event visit our facebook page.  

Wishing Lanterns

Alan Speaking to the crowd!

The foundation has goals for a scholarship for Tony’s alma mater Masuk High School, and Full Sail University.  We are sending someone to the National Conference of The Compassionate Friends so they may benefit from the help and healing of such an amazing group of seminars, people, and lectures; we are holding FREE events such as The Angels Across America Tour with Alan Pedersen and The 3rd Annual Worldwide Candle Lighting Event in conjunction with The Compassionate Friends which is also a free event.  In January, the Foundation is starting a support group for those who have lost a child and in March we are holding our First Memorial Blood Drive.


There will be more information coming on the support group and the memorial blood drive.


For current information and daily updates be sure to like our facebook page and follow us on twitter.


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