Two years and counting

July 11th marked the two year anniversary since my youngest son has become my angel.  In honor and memory of him, I donated blood at a Red Cross Blood Drive.  Tony developed a rare blood disease called TTP in January of 2009.  It was believed that this was a one time issue and he should not have any episodes after he reached the 6 month date. Come June 2009, he was cleared, happy and healthy.  Then July 4th 2009 he had a seizure early in the morning.  He was rushed to the hospital and received treatment for his TTP where he recovered once again.  During his catheter removal, something went terribly amiss and Tony passed away later that evening. Although, Tony did not die from this disease, if it were not for his blood treatments, he just may have.  This is my reason for remembering him through the gift of blood.

Tony would have been 26 years old.  I wonder daily what he would be doing with his life now.  Would he have fulfilled his dream of making snowboard videos?  I think so.  I picture him happy, living his life as only he could.

I urge everyone to take the time to tell those you love that you do, hug someone, be kind. and always say “yes” to life!  Live it in memory of those who have gone before us!  Live it as if there were no tomorrow, for we truly never know what it may bring.  Remember, always be patient with those around you.  You never know what path they are on in their life.  They may be wearing a mask to the outside world, you may not see the pain and scars they carry, but we all have a burden of some kind to carry with us and the best we can do is treat others daily as we want to be treated.

Tony loved his life, and I hope to live mine to make him proud, in his honor and loving memory!

The Tony Brown foundation is in the process of fine tuning ways we can help grieving families.  We have huge plans and hope to have them come to realization within the next few months.  Please take a moment a sign up to receive updates so that you will always be aware of what is happening at TTBF!

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