Welcome 2012!

It has been a very long year.  Many will contradict this with the fact that every year holds the same amount of minutes, hours, days and weeks (except for of course, this year-a leap year!).  I have come to believe that the more “things” that take up these hours and days- the longer they feel.  These last few months have been very long in our home. In the past year The Tony Brown Foundation has held our first annual fundraiser at Roberto’s, attended the Compassionate Friends Conference, had a FREE concert featuring Alan Pedersen with wishing lanterns, enjoyed a Brownstock fund raising pig roast with Tony’s family and friends, hosted our third Candle Lighting with a very successful food drive, and is in the process of organizing a memorial blood drive, a support group and this years fundraiser.  We have put aside money for scholarships and made a commitment to send someone to The Compassionate Friends Conference in California this year.  As exciting as all of these things are, they can be equally draining.

However, the most significant event this year was the death of Tony’s grandpa.  He joined Tony November 27th after a short battle with cancer.  Just another demonstration of how nothing can be taken for granted.  How short and unexpected our lives can be.  We know this all too well and are reminded that we must live our lives in honor and memory of our children, true to our own hearts, compassionate to others and hopeful for the future.  Nothing will ever completely heal the hole in my heart. Some days though, the hole is filled with light, love, and beautiful memories that bring a smile to my face because my son had lived.  Other days the hole is filled with clouds and rain from missing someone loved so deeply.   I can only hope that I will learn to celebrate more that he lived and was my son and cry less that he is gone.  So it is with hope that I welcome the New Year.  Hope that each day will bring the best it has to offer.  Hope that lessons learned in 2011 will remained learned in 2012.  Hope that compassion, love and patience will be abundant in our lives.  Hope that our memories will carry us through the dark days and nights.  Most importantly, hope for peace and light within our hearts.


In Loving Memory

Henry DiJulio Jr 7/1/1933 -11/27/2011

Tony Brown 3/9/85-7/11/2009

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